//when you can’t get over summer\\












Necklace: Romwe
Cardigan: Lanadel Shop (closed, similar on Mango)
Bag: Caramel.ro
Shorts: Santacroce
Sandals: similar on Topshop
Bracelet: Caramel.ro

At first you miss the breeze, the sunshine and the night sky full of stars.
But then you start to miss the sound of the waves in the morning and the salty water on your tongue.
You’ll even miss the late mornings you’ve wasted, the late nights spent just doing nothing.
You start to miss that beautiful song, ”your summer song”, the one that reminds you of someone or maybe it’s a whole playlist. I mean you can still listen to that anytime, but it will never sound the same.
You’ll start to miss the flavour of the ice cream and you’ll miss that one fragrance as well.
You’re gonna miss all the midnight conversations and the ”shouldn’t have pressed the send button” texts.
You’ll miss all the road trips and the concerts you’ve been to. The comfy clothes and the beach hair. The sunglasses and sunscreen. The barefoot feeling.
You’ll miss all the hands you’ve held and all the lips you’ve kissed.
You’ll miss those arms around your neck in the middle of a free field and all the half-cigs you smoked.
You’ll miss all the nights spent over at your friends’ house and the friends you spent the nights with.
All the walks on the empty streets and all the laughters.
All the strangers you turnt into friends and all the people that left you.
You’ll miss the secrets whispered in your ear and the random people that smiled and waved at you while on the road.
The movies you watched never alone and all the moments of craziness.
You’ll miss every single thing you’ve done that no one knows about and never will.
You’ll miss the feeling of being free and young, but you know what?
You still are.


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