//neutral colors and earth tones

You thought I was gone, huh?

Well, nah, just took a pretty long break from posting (’cause they’re my faves – the longer, the better); I actually missed posting and I’m glad I’m back now, I literally have no explanation for why did it take me so long.

Now that the snow is all settled on the cold ground and the snowflakes won’t stop falling outta the sky, I’m here to show you this kinda old fall outfit photoshoot, since I have no idea why I haven’t posted it during the fall season.

If you know me personally, you surely know that I’m always freezing and my hands are cold, I basically never stop complaining about the weather, I just think I was born in the wrong place or something. Winter is definitely NOT my favorite season, so don’t expect me to freeze myself to death trying to take fashionable shots for a while. It’s most likely I’ll just be posting the ones I’ve already done. Been a lot on the road lately, to be honest, which I don’t complain about, I love traveling and I can’t wait to do it as much as possible. Met a lot of new people, made friends, lost friends, got surrounded by more people and became lonelier at the same time, because we all know the ”trust none, but yourself” story… which is perfectly fine by me, friendships take time, people need their space. I’m a very friendly person, I can take so much and I’m open to so many things. But I know when I’ve had enough too.

I really like fall season, it’s the perfect mixture of both cold and warm weather. And one more layer is always making a better outfit! Tried something kind of vintage this time; neutral colors and earth tones, they’re some of my favorites, I swear.

But fall is gone and all that we’ve got now are icicles and people dressed up like ninjas on the streets rushed by the stormy weather. Almost forgot to wish you a Happy New Year, y’all better be daring this year and make your dreams come true, ’cause they’re tired of waiting for your lazy ass to do something. Finals are coming so may the odds be ever in our favour!


Coat: Romwe
Shirt: Yoins
Bag: Romwe


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